410 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition

410 Stainless Steel round bars 410 - UNS S41000 is a martensitic tempered steel that furnishes high quality and hardness with moderate consumption obstruction. A wide scope of properties can be created with various warmth medicines, with extreme rigid qualities running from 500 to 1400 MPa. It is attractive in both the tempered and solidified conditions. Stainless steel 410 round bars High carbon content outcomes in the arrangement of chromium carbide mixes, giving incredible wear opposition and edge maintenance when solidified. Furthermore, this evaluation gives brilliant high temperature oxidation and scaling obstruction, yet is conservative because of the low composite substance. Warm conductivity is improved and warm development decreased comparative with austentic spotless evaluations.
Physical Properties:
Liquefying Point: 2729°F/1495°C
Thickness: 0.276 lb/in3/7.65 g/cm3
Explicit Graivy: 7.65
Modulus of Elasticity in Tension: 29 X 106 psi/200 GPa
Mechanical Properties:
Temper: Annealed
Elasticity Minimum (psi): 65,000
Yield Strength Minimum 0.2% counterbalance (psi): 30,000
% Elongation in 2" Minimum: 20%
Hardness: Rockwell B80
Temper: Hardened + 350°F
Elasticity Minimum (psi): 205,000
Yield Strength Minimum 2% counterbalance (psi): 185,000
% Elongation in 2": 8%
Hardness: Rockwell C40

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